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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is defined as the process in which certification of competency or credibility is presented.  It is the action or process of officially recognizing someone or a business as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.  

Why do I need American Mule Accreditation for my business?

While our accreditation badge is not the only factor determining the success of your business, we believe it is a great way to hit the ground running and thriving within the U.S. market for your unique products or services.  As an American Mule Accredited business, you are declaring that you care about American business growth and the future of prosperity in our country.  You are also involving American Mule in a joint effort to help showcase your quality goods and services.  We believe a trusted, third-party validation can go a long way to help your business stand out in the vast landscape of today's marketplace.  We warmly welcome you into our top-notch community built on quality and trust.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to inspire and build a community of trusted, quality businesses for the purpose of influencing pride and prosperity in America. 

Who gets accredited?

Our goal is to work and team with smart business leaders, innovators, inventors, producers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and craftswomen who strive to conduct quality business while leaving a positive influence and legacy on the economic future of America.  

Why would I not just add my own "Made In The USA" label or flag image to my product(s) and website(s)?

Our unique badge is setting the bar for a new era of business growth in America.  We have seen a recent movement with the American people longing for more quality products from our very own businesses in the U.S.   With this movement, follows some deceiving and often hard-to-detect misuses of our country's flag and the "Made In The USA" label on various products and other forms of marketing .  American Mule is dedicated to help you on your unique journey as a business owner to rise above the confusion and delusion that has flooded America's marketplace.  We work to help you gain lasting trust and credibility in the eyes of the public and your future customers.  As the well known American industrialist Henry Ford once said, "coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is a success."  

What is the difference between your American Mule Accredited Standard Badge and your Top Tier Executive Badge?

With a desire to build a trusted platform for American businesses and entrepreneurs, we offer two levels of accreditation.  Our American Mule Standard is designed for craftsmen and entrepreneurs who are longing to do their part to design and create products or services with a USA Made spirit and objective.  Our Top Tier Executive Order Accreditation Badge is designed with a more demanding set of guidelines designed to specifically comply with Presidential Executive Order 13788.  Our top tier executive option requires more information and time to approve or grant accreditation.  Top Tier Executive Order Badges are noted in design on the badge itself as well as the company profile listed here on this website under company searches.  Simply enter an "American Mule Badge No." in our database search for a quick view on the company and their status with American Mule Accreditation. 

Where can my assigned badge be located?

The American Mule badge will be administered to registered companies with consisting numbers for consumer cross-referencing specifically for your company, brand, or product.  Your uniquely assigned badge may be used at your discretion and located on your physical packaging or shipping boxes for example.  We also recommend it to be visible on your company's main website or online stores for your customers to see at the point of purchase.  Your unique numbered badge of accreditation may also be utilized in additional marketing material after request and approval by our dedicated board members. 

How does American Mule decide if my business is accredited?

Our passionate team uses digital applications, detailed research, and various forms of communication to gain important information about the design, processes, business practices, labor involved and the materials used for each applying business.  We closely examine applying companies and we accept or decline applicants based on our internal system created to instill long-lasting validation and trustworthiness in the American Mule Accreditation platform.  We do not publicly rate companies or disclose information publicly if or when a company is not approved.  We take the trust of our applying companies to heart and treat any information we receive with the highest standard of security and care.  

What can I do to help promote my favorite American Mule Accredited business?

Did you know that you can help your favorite American Mule Accredited company earn rewards and goodies to help boost their business when you Comment and Review them here on the main website?  Simply Subscribe & Post on their accredited profile! Tell us something that the company has done to earn your trust as a hard-working American business.

Does this website sell or drop ship products for the accredited companies involved?

Our site is set up as a user-friendly hub to verify and promote our accredited community.  We do not sell or drop-ship any of our member's products from this website.  We encourage users to follow the links located in each accredited profile to view products and to research more about each company that is apart of our outstanding community.  We do not treat our website or private mailing list as an opportunity to sell products or services to customers.  We do however, share exciting news or updates regarding our accredited community from time to time.  Overall, we are mostly interested in the business of building a useful platform for like-minded entrepreneurs and craftsmen working in the United States. 

What is your privacy policy for applicants?

We respect the privacy of our applicants and do not share any detailed business information about our applying companies.  We do not share any information publicly about any non-qualifying applicants. Your business information is safe and treated with the highest standard of security and care with American Mule. Your application submission and any other information you give us is kept private and used solely for our internal review process for granting accreditation.

Why will people trust American Mule over other labeling?

We are continually growing and gaining popularity within the accreditation business as leaders in our unique category.  We are using our innovative and all-original badge system to bring simplicity, validation and trustworthiness to the consumer buying experience.  Your customers will trust the American Mule badge because of our mission to qualify only brands and companies that fit the criteria of what it means to be American Mule Accredited.  

How does my company badge number work with my customers?

Your assigned badge will build pride and awareness about your business as part of our top-notch community.  Our website serves as a cross-referencing mechanism for your potential customers.  Simple and easy to use, your customers will view your uniquely assigned badge number on your physical product(s) or website(s).  They are then able to access a profile of verified information about your company's services and product(s) by searching here on our main website.  

Is there a grading or rating system for your accredited companies?

Unlike other accreditation platforms in other fields or categories, we do not offer public grading or ratings for our accredited community.  

Why do people buy American?

    1    Support American economy 

    2    Fair Labor & Product Quality Assurance

    3    Economics—small batch manufacturing

    4    Buy Union

    5    Buy Eco Friendly— consumers don’t want to be part of the problem

    6    Pride, Locality, & Support of Local Community Growth

    7    Convenience

What are your rates?  How are payments accepted?

Our grand opening rates in 2018 and 2019 are the best we will offer!  Get in on the ground level while it is available as we lock in your introductory rate.  For convenience, our current rates are either for an upfront 1 year commitment, a 2 year term, or a monthly auto-pay.  If you choose a 2 year option, you will save on the overall cost.  Apply today to view and lock in your ground level rate while it is still available!